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Biography for Bedonna Wakeman

Bedonna has been involved in the arts her entire life. After attending Eastern Michigan University and Western Washington State University, she moved to the Bay Area where she worked in experimental theatre and conceptual art with the Odyssey Company and San Francisco Museum of Art. In 1979, she moved to Europe and continued work in Spain, Germany, France and England. She returned to the U.S.A. in September 2001 and now lives in New Orleans where she ‘keeps her fingers to the pulse of city’ while she showed and sold her work on Royal Street/Orleans Street (behind St. Louis Cathedral) as one of the famous Pirate Alley Artists and in March 2013, Bedonna began showing her paintings at Jackson Square.

Since arriving in New Orleans she has shown her paintings nationally and internationally at restaurants, galleries and private parties. Her highlights have been her showings at African Museum of Art in New Orleans, New Orleans Jazz Heritage Festival, house artist and art coordinator for Ray’s ‘Boom Boom Room’ & Art Lounge in New Orleans, speaking at the Pickford Theatre at the Library of Congress in Washington D.C. as a representative for all New Orleans Artists, House Artist for the Spotted Cat Music Club for four years and most recently the House Artist at the Apple Barrel Music Club on Frenchmen Street.

About Bedonna Wakeman style of painting:

Bedonna has captured on canvas a feeling of musicians like no one else!
There are no tricks in her paintings… she is a fine art painter using the Pop-Art style. She hand sketches each motif, mixes her colors to fit her mood and the emotions of her subjects and using detailed and creative brush strokes along with composition of light, she has been able to create a unique effect. While her subjects choices may seem straightforward, her minimalist and abstract approach moves beyond portraiture and delves into the interplay of detail and space, of flow and pattern.
Examined up close, her colors appear unlikely selections, but when you stand back from the painting, they resolve themselves as whole and vibrant representations. Like the performers they depict, these paintings can seem at their most animated in the dim light of clubs and night scenes, bold yet open to individual interpretations.



Most recent events:

Commission work from Zea Latino Restaurant New Orleans opening April 2013
Pirate Alley Artist New Orleans ongoing
Open Studio New Orleans ongoing
New Exhibition Spotted Cat New Orleans ongoing December 2012
JW Marriott solo show New Orleans Dec 19, 2012
Washington Park Art Market New Orleans December 16, 2012
Art Against Aids Donation New Orleans December 1, 2012
Bill Board Art Project Atlanta, Ga. November 2012
CJS Donation Virginia November 2012
Lady Fest New Orleans November 2012
Pirate Alley street gallery New Orleans Oct 2012-ongoing
CAC group show New Orleans June-Aug 2012
Zea Restaurant Art Museum Slidell, LA ongoing
Buffa Lounge Marti Gras show New Orleans February 2012
Spotted Cat Music Club New Orleans ongoing
Louisiana Music Factory New Orleans ongoing
Feature Artist JW Marriott New Orleans December 2011
Art at Washington Park New Orleans December 2011
Bill Board Project New Orleans November 2011
Art Against Aids New Orleans November 2011
Femme Fest New Orleans April 2011
House Artist at Spotted Cat Music Club New Orleans ongoing
Feature Artist J.W. Marriott Hotel New Orleans February 2011
Pirate Alley Artist New Orlens ongoing
Guest Artist Marriott Hotel New Orlens April 2010
Inglid Lucia Jazz Fest Pary New Orleans April 2010
French Quarter Festival New Orleans April 2010
Private Party for Judy Clymens New Orleans March 2010
House Artist at Spotted Cat Music Club New Orleans ongoing
Feature Artist J.W. Marriott Hotel New Orleans February 2010
Washington Square Christmas Festival New Orleans December 2009
guest artist Meschers, France July - Sept 2009
Ingrid Lucia Bash New Orleans April 2009
Guest Artist Marriott Hotel New Orleans April 2009
French Quarter Fest New Orleans April 2009
Femme Fest Jazz and Heritage Gallery New Orleans March - April 2009
Project Organizer Neutral Ground Art Lounge Group Show New Orleans February 2009
Feature Artist Marriott Hotel New Orleans January 2009
Washington Square Christmas Festival New Orleans December 2008
Pirate Alley Artist showing New Orleans ongoing
Ray's Boom Boom Room House Artist New Orleans ongoing
Louisiana Music Factory Showing New Orleans ongoing
Alfrado's Restaurant Showing New Orleans ongoing
Art Festival New Orleans Artists Norfolk Va June 2007
Friends of Friends Association New Orleans October 2007
Ladyfest New Orleans New Orleans November 2007
Marigny/Bywater Open Studio New Orleans December 2007
Neutral Ground VIP Art Lounge Group Show New Orleans April 2008
French Quarter Festival New Orleans April 2008
River Gallery Solo Show Chattanooga TN May 2008
Washington Park Historic Show New Orleans May 2008
Artful Gallery Group Show Washington DC June 2008
Guest Artist in Residence Meschers France July-September
Donation of Painting:    
International School Benefit New Orleans April 2008
Art Against Aids Benefit New Orleans December 2007
Grants 2007-2008    
Sweet Arts Grant-CAC  
New Orleans African American Museum  
Ninth Annual National Conference of Artists Show January/February 2007
Bennachin Restarant, New Orlens January, 2007
Pirate Alley Artist License January 2007
Open Studio Bywater Show December 2006
Adolfos Restarant, New Orleans November 2006
Apple Barrel, New Orleans October, 2006
Louisian Music Factory October 2006
Open Studio Bywater Show October 2006
Senegal, West Africa Project July 2006
Meschers France: guest artist July-Sept2006
New Orleans Jazz Festival April 2006
Participation in benefits with donation of paintings - 2006/07:
Truman Capote Black Night event

New Orleans Food Coop  
Johnny Woodstock benefit  
Artists of New Orleans Aids benefit  
Grants 2006:

Joan Mitchell Foundation  
Louisiana Cultural Economy Foundation  
Alternate Roots Foundation  
Since arriving in the USA in September 2001:
Pirate Alley Artist License January 2002 (showing and sale)
The A.R.K. March 2002 (group show)
Riverstone Gallery July-August 2002 (showing and sale)
Tina’s Cafe Gallery-France July - August 2002 (showing and sale)
Friends of New Orleans September 2002 (silent auction donation)
Royal & Orleans Street Selling November 2002 - June 2003 (showing and sale)
The Charity ER Gala 2002 (silent auction donation)
Mother in Law Lounge December 2002 (three works on permanent display)
Louisiana Music Factory June - September 2003 (showing and sale)
Riverstone Gallery June - September 2003 (showing and sale)
Tina’s Cafe Gallery- France June- August 2003 (showing and sale)
St Germaine Metro- Paris France September 2003 (street showing and sale)
Royal & Orleans Street Selling November 2003 - June 2004 (showing and sale)
La Peniche Winter Show December 2003- (showing and sale)
D.U.M.B.O. - N.Y. October 2004- (backdrop for acoustic stage)
Royal & Orleans Street Selling November 2004 - June 2005 (showing and sale)
William & Joseph Gallery February 2005/June-Sept 2005 (showing and sale)
New Orleans J&H Festival April 2005 (showing & sale)
Insley Art Gallery May-July 2005 (Goup show and sale)
Louisiana Music Factory June - Sept 2005 (Showing and sale)

Pirate Alley Artist
Royal Street/Orleans Street
French Quarter
New Orleans, LA.
(across the street from the Blue dog Gallery)