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New Works 2011


Jazz Singer Miles Louis and Lil Armstrong
Jazz Singer

Second Line at Cafe du Monde

Miles Louis and Lil Armstrong


Edith Piaf Django Kermit John Lennon


Kermit John Lennon


New Works 2011



New Works 2011


  Gomez Jelly Roll Morton  

Andy Forest

Carol Dickinson Band with dancers idney Bechet
Charles Mingus Gomez Jelly Roll Morton Sidney Bechet
Charles Mingus


Jelly Roll Morton at the Paris Salon idney Bechet

New Works 2011


Frank Duke Amacker Jelly Roll Morton Primary    
Frank Duke Amacker- acrylic on canvas- 5'x5'

Jelly Roll Morton Primary
- acrylic on canvas- 5'x5'

Kid Ory Fats Waller Cat in the house Second Line
Kid Ory and Band with Josophine Baker- acrylic on canvas- 5'x5' Fats Walller and Band
18 x 24 - acrylic on canvas
Cat in the House
18 x 24 - acrylic on canvas
Second Line on Jackson Square
18 x 24 - acrylic on canvas


New Works 2010


Mick Jagger
PJ JOnes
Bob Dylan with train
Mick Jagger P J Jones and C Clark Bob Dylan with Train Billy & Louie at the Spotted Cat - acrylic on canvas - 18 x 24
Jelly Roll
Ellie and Dizzy
Jelly Roll Morton with Hookers
Louie Jordan

New Works 2009
Neville Brothers
herbie hanckok
5 Js and Elvis
Neville Brothers
Herbie Hancock-SonnyRollins
5 j's and Elvis
Jazz with Bass and Horn
horn player
Ray's hornman
Billie Holiday with band
Horn player abstract
My sister Neville
Ray's hornman
Aaron Neville
John Bonham
rays horn man
Aaron Neville
John Bonham
Louie and Lil 1930
Ray's hornman


Ne Works 2008


The Michael Harrison
Trombone shorty
Louis Prima
Swing Gals
Lester Young
The Michael Harrison
Trombone Shorty

Louie Prima

Swing Jazz - Joe Mooney and Band
Lester Young
billie holiday buddybolden charlyparker charlyparker coleman hawkins
Billy Holiday and Louie Armstrong with Band Buddy Bolden Band with Dancers Charlie Parker Charlie Parker with Boys Coleman Hawkins
Ellis Marsalis jazz woman jelly roll mrton    
Ellis Marsalis Jazz Woman with Piano Jellyroll Morton and Storyville Girls    
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