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District of Columbia Press Release:

Titled “New Orleans: Spirit a’ Risen,” the show features these venerable New Orleans artists who capture the essence of the Crescent City through a pictorial history of music and cultural diversity.
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June 2008


Artist Profile: Bedonna Magid-Wakeman
May 2008
By: Ian McNulty

Locals with an active New Orleans nightlife or a respectable grasp on jazz history may already feel like they’re on a first name basis with the subjects of painter Bedonna Magid-Wakeman’s recent work. There’s Kermit, Snooks and Fats, for instance, or, going further back, Louis, Billie and Miles.

When Bedonna –– as she is universally known –– arrived in town seven years ago, the allure of the local music scene immediately struck a chord and has been her motif ever since. But while her subject choices may seem straightforward, her minimalist and abstract approach moves beyond portraiture and delves into the interplay of detail and space, of flow and pattern. (read more:



... Bedonna returned to the French Quarter to work as a street artist. Her
pioneering presence made the statement that the arts community would return to New Orleans despite the struggles faced through the rebuilding process. .... Bedonna looked to the artistic communities outside of her city to embrace her mission: keeping the spirit of New Orleans alive.
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Jennifer McCormick, CHATTANOOGA, TN. APRIL 2008



While Billy Iuso is playing four gigs in a day, artist *Bedonna Wakeman* is showing her work in three places at once. Starting on Friday, you can see her music-themed work at Ray's Room, where it will be a part of a show titled, ‚From Our Roots to Our Music.‚She will also be a part of the Louisiana Music Factory‚ Music to Our Eyes show and, on Saturday and Sunday, she‚will be a part of Ambassadors to the City: Street Artists Show, a display in the Royal-Conti Street area during the French Quarter Festival. That show is only up for two days; the others will be on display until June 1.

Offbeat on line,New Orleans, April 2007





Hi Bedonna, My fiance and I were there last weekend and bought the Dr John painting. I just hung it on our wall, and it's fantastic. It was great meeting you and we hope to buy more of your art in the future - we'll be back down for our wedding in August! Keep it flowin'
Chris Braswell & Ashley Wiley

"..... Jackson Square remains one of the oldest active art colonies in the United States. Since the mid-1950s, artists have been gathering at the square's black iron fence, exposing their art to the public.....and the public to their art. At its peak, the Jackson Square collective counted more than 300 members among it's ranks. Today you will find an average of 30-plus artists displaying their works throughout the square, down adjacent Pirate's alley, and along Royal Street behind St. Louis Cathedral. Abstract, figurative, comic, folk - their styles are as varied as the quality of their paintings. The common thread throughout, however, is art that is both accessible and affordable." image: Jazz works by Jackson Square artist Bedonna
By Doug Brantley, Where Magazine, April 2003

Dr John will have pride of place in my hallway and everytime I open my front door it will be the first thing I see and will also remind me of my wonderful time in New Orleans.
Fran Bennett, UK

Willie Nelson recently made a trip to New Orleans. When Bedonna handed him a 'Willie Nelson' portrait as a gift, he would not take it but instead complimented her on the painting and signed it for her saying, "I like this"!

I received the painting today. I took it over to Mike's and he not only liked it--HE LOVED IT! He thinks it's spectacular!
Barbara O'Brien, Norman OK